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We improve the quality of life for people all over the world.
That is what DR. KADE stands for as an independent family business.

Our vision: To improve the quality of life of our patients and motivate them to take responsibility for their own health. And that is what we do. Day after day, for 136 years.

As a manufacturing pharmaceutical company, we have always relied on quality “Made in Germany”. Our most important areas of expertise: Gynecology, proctology, gastroenterology and vitamins. With our high-quality products and holistic treatment plans, we develop outstanding solutions for better health. This is ensured by our excellently trained team of over 300 clever minds at our Berlin location. There, DR. KADE develops, produces and sells pharmaceuticals and health products for Germany and the international market. For a strong and healthy future, we are constantly developing ourselves and our product range. We attach great importance to sustainable action. Our goal: To consciously integrate environmental, climate and human rights protection into all business processes.   

Our philosophy:

We are not just a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
We are partners for pharmacies, doctors and patients.

We are not just an employer for our employees.
We are a home for creators.

We do not just give everything.
We give more.

Because together with our team, we shape the PLUS of tomorrow: A plus in innovation. A plus in effectiveness. A plus in quality of life.

Dr. KADE. We improve quality of life.