What kind of job does a CEO have? For me, the job is to provide long-term orientation and security for our employees. At the same time, I make sure that the company keeps moving and that we break new ground for the benefit of our patients and customers. My personal mission is to make sure DR. KADE continues to be successful in the long term. My plus? ambition. A healthy sporting ambition to make full use of our potential. I live that in my private life as well: movement in nature spurs me on. Being able to pursue my passions without restrictions means quality of life to me.

— FELIX KÖNIG - Chief Executive Officer

No can do, doesn’t exist. Finding solutions where others see problems is what drives me. As CCO, my team and I ensure diversity, creativity and development. We make DR. KADE new and more colourful every day. We bring ideas for new products and solutions to the company and create the best possible framework for them. My plus: passion. My children say I am funny, generous and reliable. That also counts for me in my job. Privately and professionally, I am a creative and persistent trailblazer. By quality of life I mean being self-determined and free.

— UTE WYNANDS - Chief Commercial Officer

I want, I can, I do! This is my plus. As CTOO, I bring experience, creative power and confidence in success. As a team, we want to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for DR. KADE with our “Quality from Germany”. In doing so, I ensure the necessary clarity with regard to the long-term strategy and short-term goals. Our work in Technical Operations is characterised by high dynamics. We are constantly facing changes and want to continuously improve processes. For me, health and family are the measure of quality of life. And the opportunity to shape your own life.

— Dr. Norbert Marquardt - Chief Technical Operations Officer

Being an “enabler”. Finding new ways and solutions together, developing potentials in a team. That drives me. As CSO, I am responsible at DR. KADE for the scientific view of things. I make sure that in the highly regulated healthcare environment we are constantly recognising our opportunities, for the benefit of all parties involved – patients, customers and companies. My plus? A great deal of experience combined with a great desire to question things again and again and to think in new ways. For me, quality of life means above all health, travel and enjoyment.

— Annett Schubert - Chief Scientific Officer

As CFO, I translate strategy into figures. My team and I form the financial “navigation system” of the company. We ensure the company’s financial capacity to act and drive digitalisation forward. The joy of my job, the fun I have with my colleagues and the success we share are the reasons why I am escorting DR. KADE into the future. My plus? I love structure. But I enjoy spending time with my wife, my children and our friends even more. 

— HUBERTUS KAPPEN - Chief Financial Officer

Full commitment to the common cause: That is my plus! As CPO at DR. KADE, I go the extra mile with passion and exemplify this to my team. Together, we advance our vision of a “home for creators” every day. A special concern for our organisation is the continuous improvement of leadership, which I consider to be particularly effective and significant. My personal quality of life? Quality time with family and friends – and the feeling of always having done my best.

— Katja Schädlich - Chief People Officer

My perspective on DR. KADE reflects a lifetime of my own work at the company, but it is also informed by the active involvement of my mother and my grandfather. Life at DR. KADE is among my earliest memories. As a young child I observed my mother’s direct and personal involvement with the firm. I started working at the company during summers when I was about twelve, manually packing the products along with co-workers who became friends. I joined the company full time in my twenties and had the great good fortune to work alongside my mentor, and good friend Detlef König for several decades. Together we experienced prosperous and lean years, traveled a great deal and planned with our colleagues for the enduring future of the firm. I look back on those formative personal and business influences with gratitude.

It was a particular joy to me when Felix König became involved with DR. KADE, carrying on a tradition of family involvement and offering me the opportunity to mentor the next generation of leadership. Today I am excited and proud to have new colleagues, among them my own adult children, and to see the new initiatives which DR. KADE has undertaken.

DR. KADE has never been for me just a job. My experience of DR. KADE is inextricably woven with the personalities of family members, colleagues, co-workers and dear friends who have offered the very best of their energies, talent, intellect and creativity. Together we reaffirm our commitment to one another as we offer quality health care to our customers.

— Arthur Sackler - Shareholder

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