The history of DR. KADE Health Care

Experience you can build on: The success story of DR. KADE began around 135 years ago in a pharmacy on Berlin’s Oranienplatz. Since then, we have developed from a supplier of the imperial court into an internationally operating pharmaceutical manufacturer – read more in our timeline.

1886 In 1886, Dr. Franz Lutze acquires the Oranien-Apotheke of the Berlin pharmacist Dr. Rudolph Kade. He retains the name of the founder and thus lays the foundation for the subsequent history of the company. Among other things, the pharmacy supplies the on-board pharmacy of the imperial yacht "Hohenzollern".

1908 As the production needs more and more space due to the positive business development, it is finally moved out of the pharmacy rooms in 1908 and a separate production facility is set up in the 1st backyard of the building.

1922 Medical history is written in 1922 with the haemorrhoid preparation Posterisan. The pharmaceutical, which is still successful abroad today, is based on an innovative bacterial culture suspension (BKS) with an immunological effect at the site of application – a milestone in DR. KADE’s own development.

1923 The establishment of business relations with the Japanese company Maruho in Osaka leads to a revival of the export business. The successful cooperation in the business field of proctology still exists today and is one of the longest economic relationships between Japan and Germany.

1949 With Dr. Marietta Lutze, the third generation takes over management of the family business in 1949. Dr. Lutze, who holds a doctorate in medicine and was later awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, purposefully encourages the expansion of the company into a pharmaceutical company and intensifies its global activities.

1975 With Arthur Sackler, the fourth generation of the Lutze family joins the management of DR. KADE.

1982 An ultra-modern pharmaceutical plant is built in the Marienfelde district, where, in addition to parts of production and quality control, the marketing and medical departments also find a new home.

1992 Expansion of the gynecology indication area with the founding of the joint venture DR. KADE/BESINS Pharma with the French company BESINS Healthcare.

1997 Together with Utrogest, DR. KADE/BESINS introduces the first natural progesterone preparation for hormone replacement treatment for women.

2003 DR. KADE actively enters into pharmacy distribution with the established brands Posterisan and KadeFungin.

2006 A separate organisation in Poland is established with the joint venture KADEFARM.

2011 The 125th anniversary of the company is celebrated. In addition, DR. KADE presents the Posterisan protect, a new plan for the treatment of haemorrhoidal diseases.

2012 With the establishment of the pharmacy sales force, DR. KADE focuses more and more on the OTC business.

2013 Acquisition of Takeda’s OTC product portfolio, including established brands such as Sanostol, Faktu and Riopan.

2016 DR. KADE is the market leader in Germany in the treatment of vaginal mycoses and in the treatment of haemorrhoids.

2018 Relocation of the administrative office for DR. KADE to an extended office space in the Ullsteinhaus. In addition, a complete modernization of the production site at the Berlin headquarters in Rigistraße takes place. Specialization in semi-solid shapes: creams, ointments and suppositories.

2019 In January 2019, DR. KADE takes over Sirius GmbH. Sirius specialises in the development, production and distribution of basic skincare products.

Impressions from over 100 years of company history

Exterior view Oranien-Apotheke
Inside look into the Oranien-Apotheke ca. 1890
Salesroom in the Oranien-Apotheke ca. 1890
Advertisment for a pharmacy box
Pharmacy stamp
Production ca. 1890
Inside look into pill production ca. 1890
Posterisan packaging
Becomix production
In the laboratory