Facts, figures and data


Turnover and treatment areas

As an independent family business, DR. KADE has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality medicinal products and medical devices both in the prescription and self-medication sectors since 1886. The turnover from the business activities of DR. KADE in 2020 amounted to approximately €78 million, of which almost 80% were generated in the core market Germany.


DR. KADE as a manufacturer

Millions of products for the health of our customers: DR. KADE produces 11 million packages, with 360 tons of creams, ointments, gels and 52 million suppositories and ovules annually in Berlin for 20 countries worldwide. “Quality from Germany” is our top priority here. Every day, 160 employees ensure smooth processes in production and in the laboratories.

DR. KADE in the pharmacy

With DR KADE, pharmacists and PTA/PKA have a team of experienced and advisory sales representatives at their side who offer a plus in service and advisory expertise. In the past financial year, we looked after around 10,500 pharmacies, which we visit once a quarter. We support PTA and PCA with training courses on the indications of haemorrhoidal diseases, vaginal infections and heartburn. We conduct an average of 5,000 training sessions per year.

DR. KADE International

Our products are represented by 23 partners in 24 countries. 20% of our turnover is generated outside our core market Germany. We are a reliable partner and maintain e.g. one of the oldest German-Japanese business relations with the Japanese company Maruho since 1923.


Our employees

Our employees are at the centre of our corporate culture. Every day, around 320 of them ensure that we are at the forefront in a dynamic market environment. The employees are distributed between our two locations. As an owner-managed family business, we combine the stability and security of a long-standing tradition with the pioneering spirit of the life sciences industry. This stability is also reflected internally at DR. KADE: On average, our employees have been with the company for 9 years. The longest period of employment is currently 40 years. Here too, the familial character of DR. KADE.


Women power at DR. KADE

Women’s quota? We don’t need one. 60% of our employees are women. 42% of our managers are female. In top management, one in every two positions are occupied by a woman.