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Our mission to “create an improved quality of life” applies not only to our customers, but also shapes our company from within. At DR. KADE, employees are co-creators of an open work culture that nurtures respectful cooperation and supportive team spirit. Our forums on co-creation reveal our commitment to mutual success.

We´re all on a first name basis.

WHY & HOW come before WHAT for us. Because we never lose sight of the mission that drives us, we meet regularly both for retrospective discussions as well as to define future goals.

Personal mentorship for your start in the world of KADE.

Let’s celebrate! We organise KADE parties and sponsor team events twice a year. Once a month, we celebrate our mutual successes on “thirsty Thursday”

Lunch lottery: Meet new colleagues and enhance your internal network.

Work hacks: Working together with your team, find the best tools for optimal collaboration. A coach will be available to offer support.

Support for your commitment: Are you an active volunteer? Tell us about it! We support your projects.

Co-creation – learn from one another and grow together: In our multi-generational (Ullstein) building, we “room together” with numerous friendly start-ups.

The helpfulness and warmth of my DR. KADE coworkers have left a lasting impression on me ever since my first day here. It’s obvious how fantastic the team spirit is. You can see it not only in the way we work together but also in the way we bond in other activities such as sports events. We’re always encouraged to work together – the important thing is to be open to new things and be ready to get involved, to develop and grow. For me DR. KADE is the ideal employer and offers so many benefits!

— Gaby - Assistant in International Business, at DR. KADE since 2015


Our credo: Be independent – make an impact! In an atmosphere where independent action is encouraged and rewarded, you can actively participate in driving change. Our confidence in you keeps every door open for your ideas. And above all, we value your sense of commitment. 


We believe that a healthy balance between work and family life is of paramount importance and that its integration into our work culture is the best means to improve the overall quality of your life. And we know that our quality of life is determined by yours.

Work-life balance

We love Berlin! Our company is located in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Even our office design reflects our commitment to produce nothing less than “Quality Made in Germany”. 


Would you like to boost your drive for success? Well we’ve got your back! Our InHouse aKADEmy programme can provide just the support you need. Because we know that when you grow – we grow.


We care about our team! That’s why we have more to offer than other employers. And because your well-being is so important to us, we look forward to increasing it as best we can.